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A critical component for successful construction project is Critical Path Method (CPM), which is a technique for project modeling to schedule set of various projects activities.

Carolina Project Management enterprise’s concern is to deliver the ultimate service for keeping an eye on quality, cost, and timeline which represent the most important sides of managing any project. Our experience covers all scales from small construction to industrial to high-rise construction.

Construction Consulting Services


We focus on finding connections between the activities taking place during each project from initial throughout final stages. We aim to combine construction management principles with CPM scheduling competences to reach highly accurate and advanced cost loaded schedules.

A successful project requires that a realistic construction schedule is developed, monitored, and updated throughout a construction project. Our clients can use the schedule as a planning tool to help make intelligent, data-based decisions for the project. CPM enterprise draws on a deep pool of boots-on-the-ground construction experience to assist contractors in development, updating, and management of the schedule to greatly increase the probability of timely project completion.

Construction Scheduling

Building Plan

Our experienced consultants provide direct support to client programs in the areas of schedule development and maintenance, as well as advisory and mentoring services to existing integrated program scheduling staff. In addition, our dedicated consultants are specialized in helping contractors set up projects during both the proposal and post-award phases.

A time impact analysis (TIA) is a method used to determine the extent of the impact of potential delays in the construction process. This process can be a preferred way to promote negotiation and later agreements on delay claims. It involves the insertion or addition of activities indicating delays or changes in a schedule representing progress up to the point when a delay event occurred to allow for an assessment of the impact of those activities.

We have years of experience with all types of time impact analysis methods including:

* Time Impact Evaluation
* Modeled, Additive, Single & Multiple Base Analysis
* Impacted As-Planned
* Impacted Baseline
* Impacted Update Analysis
* Fragment Analysis
* Fragment Insertion

Time Impact analysis Claims

Our professional team of construction delay consultants can identify delays and suggest changes to ensure that your project stays on schedule.
In CPM enterprise ourgoal is to analyze the performance and use the means or methodologies to identify and develop TIA claims. The resulting schedule demonstrates the effect of the delays or changes on the project completion date.

Flight Board

There are several important considerations for choosing an appropriate analysis methodology. Each claim is unique and deals with different contract requirements, situational contexts, complexities, and dispute resolution forums, among other factors. The selection of a particular analysis method should be based on professional judgment and factual research and evaluation.

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